Berry store 4.0

With Your Favorite Celebrities Berry store 4.0

BerryStore 4.0 aims to provide users with the opportunity to acquire unique celebrities’ cherished items through auctions and tickets to top domestic and international artists’ concerts. It serves as a platform that fulfills fans' desires and seeks to spread a fun culture of donation by engaging in various activities to satisfy fans and lead to charitable contributions.

[Berry Auciton]

Berry Auction is a marketplace where you can purchase certified exclusive cherished items of K-POP bands, celebrities, or actual artworks by artists.

[Celeb Time Selling]

Enjoy your own private time with celebrities! Celeb Time Selling is a service where you can purchase the talents of celebrities and influencers in the form of time, such as wedding songs, walks/exercise sessions, offline meetings, and more.

[Ticket Events]

Through the events within the App, BerryStore presents concert tickets of the top-tier domestic artists for free. It is one of the main functions of BerryStore.

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