B2C / C2C Bounty Mall

BerryStore 4.0 Bounty Mall is motivated by the decentralization of the existing online advertising market. The production and consumption of advertising content supports a free and transparent advertising ecosystem between companies and users (B2C) and between individuals (C2C) without intermediaries. Compared to the previous version, the ‘Bounty Mall’, an autonomous mediation ads solution based on blockchain, the advertisers will promote companies or individuals with ads paid through BERRY coins on the platform. The users will consume the bounty contents requested by the ad companies, and they will able to receive BERRY as rewards, and additionally, user can apply for the 'Lucky Box' operated by the existing BerryStore 2.0. This is the primary business model for BerryStore 4.0. Transactions generated between all these user interactions are transparently disclosed, allowing both advertisers and users to receive reasonable feedback.

The functionality of this service will be released after approval based on legal review regarding cryptocurrency transactions or transfers, as well as the iOS review guidelines.

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