Legal notice

  1. Unauthorized collection, reproduction, or commercial use of the content in this whitepaper is strictly prohibited, and may result in civil and criminal liabilities upon detection.

  2. While this whitepaper mainly contains conceptual information regarding BerryStore, actual operational discrepancies may arise in the future due to technical issues and other various factors.

  3. This whitepaper is written under the assumption that the platform will operate smoothly in the future, but it does not guarantee it completely.

  4. This whitepaper does not include specific requirements, proposals, or other opinions related to purchasing Berry or BerryStore.

  5. Berry is not associated with legal tender, currency, stocks, bonds, regulatory rights, derivatives, securities, or any items related to fiat currencies and regulation, other than for virtual currency (cryptocurrency) purposes.

  6. Descriptions related to the business aspects of the presented roadmap in this whitepaper are subject to change at any time due to our management and regulatory environment.

  7. Berry does not form trades through markets other than cryptocurrency exchanges, such as buying, selling, or withdrawing, which are inherent to cryptocurrencies. Berry is a utility token with price volatility, and the company takes no responsibility for any losses caused by Berry price fluctuations. Additionally, the permanence of Berry in a constantly changing cryptocurrency market is not guaranteed. When Berry is used within BerryStore, there is a possibility of unforeseen hacking incidents. Although we have implemented security measures and solutions to ensure the safe usage of Berry within the platform, threats to assets and operational disruptions may occur at any time due to the inherent vulnerabilities and flaws of blockchain and high-risk hacking attacks. We have not subscribed to any insurance services specifically related to asset risks in operating BerryStore. This means that users will not receive any compensation if their Berry assets are lost or disappear due to various reasons. The risk of declining interest in BerryStore services, as well as the depreciation of Berry's value and limited utility, may exist at any time in the future, and we may choose to discontinue the operation of BerryStore. BerryStore may face negative impacts on the platform and Berry's value due to decreased user interest and demand caused by similar competitive platform services. For the operation of subsequent platforms outside BerryStore, we may collect personal information from users. However, we comply with relevant laws and regulations regarding personal information collection. If the Special Act on Virtual Assets is revised and enforced in the future regarding anti-money laundering regulations, the nature of virtual assets may change. This could potentially require the reporting of taxes when purchasing Berry on an exchange, converting it into cash, or receiving transfers from others. It is advisable to seek advice from experts regarding tax matters. Regarding BerryStore's overseas expansion, we will be subject to blockchain regulations in those countries and may be subject to legal regulations and other influences at any time. This could have a significant impact on the growth of BerryStore and the fluctuation of Berry's value. Users who create BerryStore accounts may permanently lose access and ownership of token assets due to the loss of unique information such as IDs, passwords, and wallet private keys for token storage. If the Korean government enforces new regulations related to virtual assets in the future, it may become financially impossible for us to operate BerryStore, and this may also apply to Berry. The Burning Policy of Berry is subject to change at any time due to exchange regulations, system environments, and company policies.

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