Liquidity disclosure information

Berry Coin has issued a total of 10 billion, and there is no additional issue. In order to secure market stability cause the enforcement of the CERTAIN FINANCIAL TRANSACTION INFORMATION in Korea, part of the Berry Coin is recovered, and the lockup of Berry Coin is carried out to protect investors, and release schedule and the total distribution after the release is announced on Xangle from time to time. The release schedule and quantity could be changed and this will also be announced. Berry is incinerating a certain percentage of its revenue from BerryStore applications quarterly, and the burning schedule could be changed. Due to certain incineration, the value of Berry Coin is prevented from falling and the market price is maintained accordingly. In addition, the method of delivering donations from donations from the BerryStore application is as follows, the sponsoring organization sponsored by Berry creates the Berry wallet, then transfer the donations Berry Coin to sponsoring organization’s wallet, at the end, the sponsoring organization encash the Berry Coin.

update 2023.02

Berry does not exercise any authority over the usage of Berry Coin after the donation. Berry Coin is conducting policy development and system upgrades based on legal opinions from korea and foreign law firms to comply with the law, and is striving to establish a transparent and reliable donation culture and expand the Berry ecosystem due to the characteristics of the blockchain project.

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