P2P Donation World

P2P Donation World is a decentralized social media with our core algorithm, the PoDR smart algorithm. No social media specializing in donations and sponsorship is found anywhere in the world. It is a function that applies the slogan of "Fun Donation Culture," the fundamental birth ideology of Berry, to the platform, and it is an open solution that anyone who has not seen it in the previous version can participate. It is the only place where user can prove good deeds activities, and ss a distinctive feature compared to other social media application, in order to follow another person, a P2P donation is mandatory to expand social relationship. Moreover, it doesn’t limit itself to certain regions so the users can support each other throughout the world and show off their donations. Major SNS service functions include P2P Berry sponsorship, content upload/ management, likes, and comments, etc.

The functionality of this service will be released after approval based on legal review regarding cryptocurrency transactions or transfers, as well as the iOS review guidelines.

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