Multi-Signature Wallet

Bery 4.0 Wallet service introduces the multi-signature wallet solution function. Create multi-sig transactions with enhanced security features to help user keep their assets safe and secure, with triple private key security.

By dualizing application servers and blockchain infrastructure servers, Hyper Infra APU proxy servers and Hyper Infra SDK tools can be linked with Hyper Infra blockchain servers to through key management of blockchain API servers and each private key management server. So user can secure and convenient to use wallet service. In particular, server overload or various Tx errors caused by direct node management can be managed separately to prevent possible errors in content operation, and can operate professionally by dualizing and managing development needs. The movement and control of all wallet content on each server end increases the security of the transfer data through mutual authentication of each Account Key and Hyper Infrastructure Key, and intercommunication with the final blockchain node group is designed to be safely processed through method of relay.

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