F2C Casting

The last major service of BerryStore 4.0 is 'F2C (Fan to Celeb) casting', which allows fans to cast celeb themselves. Users can act as directors to cast their favorite celebrities and influencers. In addition to the user, publishers such as director/producer/manager are also free to use the process to cast a BerryStore celebrity. Celebrities and influencers eligible for casting can register their profiles, appeal videos, etc. in the BerryStore 4.0 application and secure PR opportunities, and users can select the celeb by checking the registered information. It also guarantees a direct connection with the management company through a challenge section for aspiring celebrities. This service feature is a 2nd phase upgrade to the 4.0 platform and will be available in February 2023.

The functionality of this service will be released after approval based on legal review regarding cryptocurrency transactions or transfers, as well as the iOS review guidelines.

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