l Q1 2023

  1. Berrystore Ver.4.0 OPEN

    • Berry Auction (Enclosed)

    • SNS

    • Event application function

    • Expanding TossPayments cash payment service

    • Brand payment system (Berry Pay)

l Q2 2023

  1. Berrystore Ver.4.0 OPEN

    • Transmission function for YouTube LIVE streaming

    • Event function (paid service)

  2. Hosting Korea-Vietnam Diplomatic Relations 30th Anniversary K-pop Concert

  3. Opening services for domestic concert ticket sales and events

l Q3 2023

  1. Berrystore Ver.4.2 Update

    • Purchase function for offline concert ticket

    • Fulfilling revenue model of Offline ticket sales and Berry Auction

  2. Establishing MOU with major domestic entertainment companies and supplying celebrity contents

  3. Expanding contents for Berrystore wallet service tokens

    • Opening a service for VIP ticket NFTs and expanding NFT business

l Q4 2023

  1. Applying utility and function for Berry NFT

    • NFT utility and service in Berrystore

  2. Upgrading Berrystore and Berry Wallet

    • APP system upgrade

    • Utility modification and supplementation

    • Applying token usage and utilization function

  3. New Year’s K-pop concert

    • Issuing VIP ticket NFT

l Q1 2024

1. Implementation of advertising reward point token swap.

2. App update to support multiple languages, including English.

l Q2 2024

1. Expansion of features for blockchain technology app.

  • User-to-user token transfer functionality.

  • Introduction of token payment system.

  • Addition of SocialFi content features.

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