Token Ecosystem

Berry 4.0 tokens are converted to based on binance chain. It is not only used in a single Binance network, but also features a Binance Bridge to extend interoperability between different blockchains, such as Ethereum(ETH), Solana(SOL), and Tron(TRX), for automatic transformation between mainnet and greater autonomy in the Berry Coin ecosystem.

The Binance Bridge function basically converts from one blockchain wallet to another, so anyone can easily convert even if they do not have a Binance exchange account. The peg-in function allows conversion from a native blockchain to a binance chain or binance smart chain token. P2P wallet such as meta mask of the chain is required because the transaction must be approved by the original blockchain. When you select a chain to convert and select a quantity, the Binance Bridge generates an address where the coin or token must be deposited, and after the transfer to that address, the Binance Bridge sends the same quantity of Lapping coins to the user's Binance Chain or Binance Smart Chain address. Conversely, the peg-out function allows you to return coins that were previously Lapped in peg-in to coins in the original native blockchain.

With this Binance Bridge function, Berry 4.0 Coin conveniently supports transmission of any exchange or wallet, and solves the limitations according to the mainnet type of any exchange.

Nowadays, the Reward App Program, which pays points as a reward for activities in the application, is active, but BerryStore 4.0 pays blockchain-reward virtual assets instead of points or mileage accumulated. Berry plans and prepares various attempts to create a basic system that can be used like cash beyond just method of payment within BerryStore applications, and aims to implement blockchain-based integrated payment services used in real life, such as online and offline payments and simple remittances between users.

Currently, Berry Coin is used as a payment model in BerryStore, for directly sponsored in Donation World, for advertising registration of advertiser and user rewards at Bounty Mall, and for Celeb NFTs as Bidding. And the part of the Berry, which from fundrasing on LuckyBox of Bountymall and the sales of Celeb NFTs, will be donated to sponsoring organization. In addition, the payment amount from BountyMall advertiser, 10% will be spent on platform operations, and 5% will be burned to increase the value of cryptocurreny. (However, the platform operation and incineration ratio of the Bounty Mall could be adjusted according to the policy.)

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