The popularity of domestic and international cultural industries in South Korea has been increasing every year, and as the Hallyu wave gains global popularity, the needs of domestic and international fans are also evolving and diversifying. In line with these fandom consumption trends, BerryStore 4.0 aims to provide various features and entertainment to fulfill the fans' desires in the fandom market.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, not only everyday consumption patterns but also the cultural industry have transformed into non-face-to-face contents. However, as the pandemic subsides and the revenue and market trends of offline Hallyu contents such as K-pop concerts are recovering. Subsequently, the demand for both online and offline content related to celebrities is growing.

In response to this, Berry IP (Intellectual Property) and API (Application Programming Interface) will be utilized to create a user-participatory fandom network that offers online reinforced content with high scarcity through NFT (Non-Fungible Token) products for domestic and international fandoms and users. Additionally, services such as concerts, fan meetings, and dining experiences where stars and fans can directly interact in person will be provided.

Berry Coin, a blockchain-based cryptocurrency, is currently listed on 8 exchanges, allowing users to trade Berry Coin and exchange it with other cryptocurrencies, thereby enhancing accessibility and stability for users. In order to facilitate smoother transactions, we have also added KRW (Korean Won) payment integration through Toss Payments. Ultimately, BerryStore 4.0 aims to provide a stable trading environment using blockchain technology and cash payment services, offering users easy, fast, and diverse online and offline services related to celebrities.

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