The popularity of the Korean Wave is increasing every year around the world. According to the Korea Creative Content Agency, Korean content exports rose 6.3% year-on-year to 126 trillion won in 2020, nearly doubling over the past five years. Along with the spread of the Korean Wave, a change in positive perception of the Korean Wave and a thick fandom will be one of the good derivatives. In particular, with the development of SNS, it is possible to actively express to his favorite stars as well as form a fandom stronger, the one of culture phenomenon, and the star continues to produce special "high value" products by raising external and internal values along with friendly and active communication for own fandom.
Berry launched the BerryStore application to absorb the expansion of the Korean Wave culture, the strong formation of fandom, and the emergence of new high-value products into a new platform, it aims for a new economic business as a new concept platform where I meet my favorite stars in various ways, and encourages easy and transparent participation in Funation(Fun+doNation) through blockchain BERRY Coin. We focus on improving the quality of the products and services in the BerryStore and are working hard to maximize user loyalty and satisfaction by offering a variety of benefits.
Due to the COVID19 pandemic, which began in 2020, not only the daily consumption form but also the cultural industry have changed into non-face-to-face content form, and according with the rapid change in digitalization, the evolution of money is leading to the emergence of cryptocurrency, not only in Korea but also in the world, the economic market for blockchain is rapidly expanding to the cultural and artistic industries. In response, Berry will maximize the global fandom network effect of creating value for users, participating directly, and attracting other users to participate, by Berry IP(Intellectual Property) for global fandom and users, Rare online reinforcement content by NFT(Non-fungible token) products that utilize API(Application Programming Interface), And through the community room and virtual service where stars and fans can communicate more closely.
Starting with the listing of blockchain Berry Coin on the global exchange, increase the convenience and safety of users' access to Berry Coin by trading and exchanging to other coin through various global exchanges, and plan to add payment methods such as PayPal for smooth transactions in the future so that user can faster and easier experience various products and online/offline services in Berry.