Hypercert NFT authentication

The BerryStore 4.0 NFT solution introduced NFT authentication technology from Hypercert, a technology community of BerryStore Foundation.(Patent Technology) NFT technology is used to authenticate ownership of products based on ledger records about purchased NFT products recorded in distributed ledger of blockchain network, and to authenticate ownership by recovering ownership password and identification image of products.

The NFT authentication server system includes multiple components that perform each step to trade ownership of a product and serves as a database that stores information or user terminal derived from each component. A product producer inputs specific product information through the user terminal, and the Ministry of product identification information provision receives specific product information and transmits individual product registration request information about the product to the server system. Based on the individual product registration request information, the ledger record information for the individual product can be derived and recorded in the distributed ledger of the blockchain network to block forgery of the product.

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