PoDR Smart Algorithm

The key algorithm of Berry 4.0 is the PoDR(Proof of Donation Relationship) smart algorithm that connects online relationships through P2P personal BERRY coin transactions. PoDR algorithms are the most transparent proof of relationships to solve the problem of unproven vertical following of traditional centralized social media. In particular, existing online relationships do not form any link factor due to random connections that have no proof, and remain only in one-sided vertical relationships by top followers. This vertical relationship is dependent on the top influencer, making it difficult to maintain its influence as a sustainable platform over time.

The PoDR smart algorithm is largely divided into Berry 4.0 Auth server, Contents server, Following server, and Blockchain server. The linkage of each server group is based on the blockchain transaction hash value, including the recently generated new data, and all records performed on and off-chain are processed so that cannot be falsified in real-time validity between servers and databases is adjusted. In particular, Auth and Content are converted to userId and references values, which are the criteria for the first consensus, and the Auth state is changed to Giver(Follower), a BERRY coin donor (or sponsor), and finally approved to the Following Server that handled the P2P relationship. At the same time, connecting the relationship with the Taker(Following), who be donated(or be sponsed), and converts the result of the relationship in to a hash value and records it in the final blockchain. Therefore, the interrelations recorded in the blockchain are strongly dependent on as the eternal relationship.

Berry 4.0 to develop our own smart algorithm at first to establish as a media platform that leads the future-oriented Web 3.0 decentralized social donation culture. Beyond traditional Ponzi-type mining techniques, the PoDR algorithm sets the criteria for proof in an online user-to-user relationship, and demonstrates the relationship clearly through free individual donation/sponsorship transactions and establishes a strong connection between users. This berry-connected relationship can be merged with uploaded donation content to lead to the popularization of donation culture.

The final intent of the PoDR algorithm is to:

  • In order to increase my follower (Giver), continue to produce donation activities contents.

  • Sponsor by BERRY(Taker) to connect with users who produce continuous donation activity content.

  • Users participate actual donation activities in daily lives to connect more relationships between donors.

  • Activate the Berry Economy through mutual BERRY coin donation (sponsorship).

  • Berry Foundation only provides a playground(platform) for donors and does not control their relationship.

  • The ultimate goal is to form a community of global donors and those who support them.

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