Berry 4.0 plans to introduce a system called 'DAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organization'. Berry DAO retains ownership rights through holding BERRY coins and has a horizontal and distributed decision-making structure. All Berry holders exercise decision-making power as governance, and the key elements of decision-making have the characteristics of Berry 4.0 chain-system comprehensive policy, PoDR smart algorithm policy, content operation policy, coin reward policy, etc. As a functional decision-making structure, it has the decision-making authority to change operational policies such as donation social media, Bounty Mall, and Celeb NFT, etc functions of BerryStore 4.0 platform. Major changes in the agreed policy and operations related to this will only be applied to the platform and token ecosystem after voting through the Berry 4.0 online community and gaining approval by more than one-half.

The background of the Berry 4.0 Dao system is operated based on Binance (BNB) network, except for the operational policies of the main background network, all operational policies are determined by the participating Berry holders. The agendas proposed to the Berry Community provide specific rewards in the decision-making round to ensure higher participation in decision-making by community holders, which are the only policy matters determined by the Berry Foundation. The DAO Smart Contract is divided in to general rules and governance rules. For general rules, follow the format of Pull Requests, which can merge into DAO’s repository with out any conflict, and for governance rules, if more than half of the Berry Community holders agree, merge the proposed GitHub Pull Request of proposed Proposal into DAO’s main GitHub repository.

Holders participating in the DAO deposit BERRY in the DAO's Smart Contract and participate in the proposal decision. The participating holders will get the governance token to participate in voting. Participants can then use the governance token to vote on ideas proposed by the DAO community. Passed proposals activate DAO's smart contracts to automatically distribute rewards to governance participants who participate in voting at DAO Treasury.

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